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The Rakura Collection

  • Green tea



    Available in 10 & 25 tea bags

    It’s difficult not to gush about green tea. Green tea was discovered 4,000 years ago and since then has been considered a wonder drink! Numerous health benefits have been attributed to green tea Read more …

  • Black tea



    Available in 10 & 25 tea bags

    Overshadowed by Green tea in the research front, Black tea is still the most consumed tea in the world –preferred by at least 80% of tea drinkers for its full-bodied flavour and aroma. Read more …

  • CTC tea



    Available in 25 & 100 tea bags

    CTC tea is a type of black tea that is made through a nonorthodox process called Crush, Tear and Curl and is a very popular beverage in South Asia, CIS, the Middle East and the UK. Read more …