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Putting Nepal on the world Tea Map

Rakura is the fruition of one man’s lifetime of thoughts, abilities, and moral values translated into a company culture that delves on sustainability and purpose devoted to tea.

It was the beginning of 1964, when founder Ram Kumar Rathi or RaKuRa set out to do something on his own with all the money that he had collected from doing part time jobs – NPR 500 (roughly $6 in todays exchange value). He established an import firm and progressively did well in the business. However, fate had something else in store for him. On a chance travel to China in 1966, courtesy of a friend, he discovered tea. So awestruck was he by the rich world of tea that upon his return, he quickly set upon to learn more about the drink.

Determined he walked through the hills of Ilam stopping at Soktim before reaching Ilam Tea Estate to research and learn about tea. Although, he was able to make his and Nepal’s first sale of tea abroad, only in the summer of 1973 – he learnt a lot about tea in Kolkata in the mean time, from the likes of Master tea taster & blenders  at DC Ghoshe & Company and  J. Thomas & Company as well as other major tea players of the world. He trained and researched directly under experts from Darjeeling and Assam to learn the art of making tea.  Once ample knowledge was gained, the founder worked relentlessly with the state-owned estates like Ilam, Kanyam & Himalaya to improve the quality of tea by bringing their production and sale under his realm.

In 1993, Rakura established its and Nepal’s first private orthodox factory in the serene village of Maloom, Ilam with a view of presenting the world with Nepal’s best orthodox black and green teas yet. A second factory was set up in the plains of Jhapa to serve Nepal’s best CTC offerings. All this integrated with the passion and unity of our respective communities to bring you the quality teas from the bush to your cup.

Today, Looking back 40 years on, Rakura with the support of over 1400 small farmers produces the finest Nepali teas and exports a majority of its produce worldwide through its factories, Maloom Tea Estate in the district of Ilam and Rakura Tea Processing Pvt. Ltd. in the district of Jhapa. From being the first and leading exporter of Nepalese tea in both the bulk and packaged form to establishing the first private orthodox tea factory in Nepal to combining Nepal’s best teas with the world’s best materials to create Nepal’s best tea offering yet – we are striving to create new out of the box consumer experiences for Nepali tea while driving a culture for sustainability and innovation.